A friend in the house cleaning business

Well I haven’t posted on this blog as much as I had intended back when I first started it – as with everyone, I get busy and time gets away. Recently, I have been helping a friend start her own house cleaning business. When I was a pool builder, I ran the small business and learnt alot about local advertising and just the day to day running of a small business in general.

Now managing domestic cleaners is very different to pool building, but I was still able to help a bit. The advertising budget is obviously a bit lower, because the cost of the service is very different. And things have changed a bit since I was operating my local business. Now, everything is digital, so we had to figure out alot about websites, online advertising etc.

I’m pleased to say I helped my friend get her first 3 clients for her house cleaning service – a really good start!

They’re great skills to learn for any business, so I didn’t mind the time I spent figuring these things out. The more I did, the quicker she could get the jobs and do the work she is good at, the vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, dusting etc.

If you live in Brisbane and you do happen to need a great cleaner for your house, I highly recommend checking out supremecleaning.com.au. I don’t just recommend that because the cleaner is a friend, –  I know from the real referrals and reviews clients give that her service is top notch, unlike some of the cleaning agencies who send out just anyone. I have heard some shocking stories from people who have had cleaners from the agencies, to not doing a very good job cleaning, to being downright lazy and not even doing everything they are paid for.

Taking my landscaping skills to a wedding

Weird title hey? Well, recently I was asked by one of my daughters friends to help decorate the outdoor ceremony area for her wedding – which was camouflage themed. I didn’t even know such a theme existed, I thought most girls wanted their weddings to be white, pretty and romantic. Apparently the trend is coming from the US where they go all out in Mossy Oak like this here, there’s even a whole site dedicated to the camouflage wedding theme with rings and all http://camoweddingguide.com/camo-wedding-rings/. Now I only know about these sites because I needed to do some research so I had some idea on how on earth I was going to design this area in a rustic style to fit the theme, thought I’d share them so you know what I’m going on about.

Lucky for me (and for the bride!) the couple didn’t want the tacky kind of look with the camo everywhere with fake deers and hunting things like I saw in some pictures. The brief was to do something rustic and incorporate orange gerberas in it.

It actually turned out to be quite fun. I built an arch for them to stand under at the ceremony out of some old wood planks, and stuck a heap of small branches and twigs all over it. The gerberas were just used as accents in the corners of the arch. We also had native looking trees in pots lining the aisle – these actually came from my backyard. Good thing I have so many pot plants. The chairs at the ceremony were simple wooden ones with some burlap loosely tied on the back with a gerbera inserted in it. Sounds simple, but the bride and groom were very happy, and the guests complimented it too. That was great as I’m sure alot of them were wondering what they were in for with the ‘camo’ theme just like I was. But the couple really did it tastefully.

Welcome to an old pool builders blog

Hi there,

My names Mike, from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I’m a pool builder by trade, but am no longer in the construction industry. I now do more writing and consulting on the subject, most recently I’ve contributed to Landscaping-Oz.com, with this post about swimming pools on the Sunshine Coast. While my writing isn’t on par with Better homes, I do think I can provide an insiders perspective that will help alot of people.

I’ve set up this blog to help keep myself in the industry, share the knowledge I have about pool construction, and answer any questions readers might have on the subject. Like any industry, there’s a lot of dodgy businesses out there and I’d like to help people avoid them when building a pool.

Some things I plan to share are: What are the costs, and are you being ripped off, the different types of pools, inground, above ground, concrete, fibreglass etc., design inspiration and other home improvement topics. While I specialize in pools, I’ve been involved in a number of other home improvement projects from building through to interiors, so I’d like to share a bit about that too.

I guess that’s enough about me for an intro, I’m off to the pool!